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A top five academic medical center in the Midwest uses Pivotal’s BI to develop its new market ambulatory expansion strategy.


  • The planning team of a top five academic medical center (AMC) wanted to expand its ambulatory footprint into a new market. However, their existing data and analytics capabilities did not sufficiently capture the insights needed to put a growth plan together for their market of interest.
  • As they planned a potential facility program, they had only weak quantitative information at their disposal to understand the needs of the community and identify high-growth service lines.
  • In utilizing Pivotal, they were able to leverage a BI platform that provided them actionable insights that drove a smarter investment decision.
  • The assessment found a clear opportunity for certain outpatient specialty services and enabled the AMC to build out a facility program that paired their strategic goals with true market need.

Download the study to discover how Pivotal generated data-driven insights that uncovered high-growth service line opportunities and led to the build of a new micro hospital, filling unmet care needs.

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Pivotal is a powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that empowers healthcare stakeholders via unified and visualized data, proprietary analytics, and truly actionable commercial insights to make smarter, faster healthcare investment decisions that maximize value and close gaps in patient care.

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