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A national REIT uses Pivotal to validate healthcare facility opportunities for a master development in the Southeast


  • A national real estate investment trust (REIT) with a deep focus on healthcare had an opportunity to participate in a new master development in the Orlando, Florida area. At the same time, a major teaching hospital system in the region sought to expand its off-campus facilities and services in the same market. 
  • The development division of the REIT regularly uses the Pivotal BI platform to glean data-driven insights to assess healthcare real estate investment opportunities and attract providers to new build sites. For this project, it turned to Pivotal to identify gaps in care demand vs provider supply, based on socioeconomic trends and behavioral profiles as well as more nuanced metrics.
  • Equipped with these insights, the REIT invested in the site with the confidence it would attract leading healthcare tenants, and the hospital system proceeded with a new facility at this site with the confidence it would meet community healthcare needs and achieve strong revenue gains.

Download the study to discover how Pivotal generated data-driven insights that revealed attractive outpatient growth opportunities, giving the REIT confidence to invest in the project and bring on board a large teaching hospital system.

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Pivotal is a powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that empowers healthcare stakeholders via unified and visualized data, proprietary analytics, and truly actionable commercial insights to make smarter, faster healthcare investment decisions that maximize value and close gaps in patient care.